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Col. James K. Dooghan promoted to brigadier general

By Sgt. Clara Harty | 4th Infantry Division Public Affairs Office

FORT CARSON, Colo. — Traditional military ceremonies and promotions happen almost every day across the Army. A promotion to brigadier general, however, does not happen nearly as often. The 4th Infantry Division had the privilege of promoting Col. James K. Dooghan, the deputy commanding officer for maneuver, 4th Inf. Div. and Fort Carson, to brigadier general July 11, 2022.

“I believe that generally you should be able to look at a general officer and see something exceptional about them,” said Lt. Gen. James Rainey, the U.S. Army deputy chief of staff for operations, plans and training. “Not good, not great, but excellent. He’s all those things. When I think about James, I believe he is an exceptional role model of the Army profession.”

Dooghan was born and raised on a coastal naval base in Japan where he lived until he was 18 years old. He later commissioned as an armor officer from Portland State University, Oregon, where he was a distinguished military graduate.

“My dad said a few things before I commissioned,” said Dooghan. “He said, ‘I feel sorry for your future NCOs, you’re going to be a handful. But if you listen to the good ones, you may turn out okay.’ Those words rang true. Because of my God and you all, I was transformed into a better husband, brother, leader and subordinate.”

Dooghan has been in the military for 29 years. He and his Family have lived in 13 homes at many duty stations around the world, raised three young adults, three four-legged companions and overcame many challenges along the way.

One of those challenges in his life and his career included undergoing an emergency craniotomy in which Dooghan miraculously recovered in just five months. He’s now walking around with half a cerebellum so if he stutters, that’s why, he says.

Throughout his career, Dooghan earned a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration-Marketing from Portland State University, a master’s degree from the Air Command and Staff College, a Master of Military Art and Science from the School of Advanced Military Studies (SAMS), and a Master’s in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College.

“To my Mountain Post family and friends for the last three and a half years, you represent the best of our life,” said Dooghan. “You represent the greatest job we’ve had in our career. We look for even more opportunities to pay it forward wherever and whenever we can. God bless you, the Army and the nation.”

Col. James K. Dooghan promoted to brigadier general
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