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Teslyne is the safest, best option for soldiers and their families while traveling

Military men and women have one thing in mind both when deploying and returning home — getting there safely and on time.

Teslyne is a new travel option for military personnel and their families — a luxury ride in a Tesla Model X for the price of an Uber. Teslyne travels from all Colorado military bases and posts to civilian airports across Colorado.

COST: Competitive rates start at just $59 for airport trips from Denver. Prices include up to 5 people with no up-charges or surge pricing during peak hours. (By comparison, a ride with Uber and Lyft to Denver International Airport from Downtown Denver starts at around $51; Uber XL is closer to $84 when not surging. A crowded shuttle is $50 one way from Colorado Springs to Denver International Airport.)

MILITARY DISCOUNT: Teslyne provides 15 percent off to all men and women in uniform with a military ID, as well as their immediate family members.

COMFORT: The 2017 Tesla Model X is known for its comfort. “The huge windshield extends up and over the front-seat occupants, making the cabin feel airy and futuristic,” notes Consumer Reports, and auto industry experts call it “the safest car on the road.” The zero-emissions electric engine results in total noise isolation, making every ride a quiet, peaceful experience. There is plenty of leg room to stretch out and extra-large trunk space for your gear.

CONVENIENCE: We customize each trip to fit passenger needs. We operate 24/7, track flights to ensure on-time performance, and can make multiple stops if needed.

“Both of my grandfathers and my uncle served the World Wars and Vietnam for the United States. I know well the sacrifice our soldiers and their families endure,” said President and Founder Kyle Ewing. “Getting our troops safely to where duty calls them and back home to their loved ones is not just a priority for me, it’s personal.”

Sgt. George C. Hengy, Ewing’s grandfather, was deployed overseas in 1917 during World War I. While serving with the 90th Aero Squadron in France, he was wounded several times. He returned from the war a decorated hero, but soon died from complications from mustard gas. His sacrifice is a constant reminder to Kyle of what has always been at stake in America.

We at Teslyne know that the journey is exhausting and mentally taxing enough without the hassles that often come with ground transport, so we take pride in making the comfort and care of our service members our top priority.

And Teslyne isn’t just for when you’re in uniform; call us anytime you’re traveling. Our military discount is always valid, regardless of the reason for the trip.

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